Artvigil 150

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Artvigil is the second most popular form of armodafinil.

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Take 1 pill of 150mg of Artvigil armodafinil when you first wake up for max cognitive effect.

2 reviews for Artvigil 150

  1. Ryan S (verified owner)

    I made an order but received no emails, no order confirmation, no tracking code, no receipt.. no emails at all.

    I contacted support and received no reply.

    Is the site still legit?

    • Lucas

      Hello, Ryan.
      I see your order was sent for shipment on the 16th and is en route, but the tracking numbers have not posted. I see you have received all the proper emails that occur after a successful sale. Please check your spam box and contact support if there are further issues. Thank you for your feedback.

  2. Ryan S (verified owner)

    Please delete this and my last review if you can. Looks bad being public. Oh course I’ll leave a great review if we can get this sorted.

    I did contact support. I was told I’d get a tracking number today. I did notice that I have one when I login to this website (xxxxxxxx) but it does not work yet. What’s worse is that it is sent from the UK!!! I did not order from this site so that the package could be shipped from the UK 🙁 Every package from the UK to Malta is checked and it always get’s seized. (redacted is an example of one of many attempts to ship from the UK) I wish you asked me before wasting money and time shipping from the UK two weeks after my order.

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