Shipping for UK to UK and EU to EU usually takes less than 2 business-weeks once you receive your tracking number.

Shipping from Singapore to most of the world takes about 1-4 business weeks.

Our shipping process is focused more on ease of your packages traveling through the postal systems, than overall speed. One well-sent package that does not need to be re-shipped will almost always arrive sooner than one that has swiftly moved through the postal system.

If your order is ever stopped for more than 10 business days, we will send a free reshipment. This is not automatic, please contact us.

If your order does not make it to you for any reason that is not something like your giving us an improper shipping address, or not being home to receive your delivery, we will reship you without upon request.

All packages are packed in nondescript, discreet packaging and they may not be returned to sender.

Most packages can be tracked from sites such as, and