Why buying modafinil is cheaper for Europeans

This question has simple answers.

The primary reason is that Big Pharma has placed such high prices on their products, that buying modafinil in the EU has become extremely expensive and doctors will not give you a prescription if you intend to use modafinil for off-label usage.

These Big Pharma extremely high prices, and the hassles and embarrassment of dealing with local doctors leads to droves of Europeans to come to the internet to get the medicine they require to lead optimal lives.

Buying modafinil online can be daunting for people from anywhere, but especially so for people residing in the EU. EU customs can be unforgiving when it comes to allowing or disallowing even the most medically harmless medications to get to its residents.

The best solution for peace of mind, and assurance that you get your order, is to utilize a modafinil vendor that ships from within the European Union. This will cost more, but essentially relieves any worries of losing your package en route, and also usually helps to receive your order faster. It’s definitely more discreet and will still be significantly cheaper than your local pharmacy would charge you per the leverage Big Pharma has over them.

Always ensure that your modafinil vendor is reputable (Dino Supplies!), been around for a while and is responsive to your enquiries. Due diligence can save a lot of stress, and your wallet.

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